It was not supposed to feel this way. While I knew the outcome was a possibility, I really was not sure how I would react. Frustration – likely, disappointment – naturally, but not — relief. But as the last of the election results came in for the Special Texas House of Representatives election on January 23rd, and it became clear that I would not be in the runoff, relief was exactly what I felt. It might not have been the outcome I wanted, but it was likely the outcome I needed. Make no mistake about it, resigning as County Judge and running in a less-than-thirty-day special election was the right decision for me. I would have regretted it the rest of my life if I would not have run. But in losing, I was able to do something that many people are not fortunate enough to do: chase a dream and do a hard reset when I failed. While practicing law was almost inevitable, I decided to take about a month off to relax and refocus my life. Not frantically job hunting, not worrying how to pay the bills, but a pause and reflection. And after that month, I have reentered my professional career refreshed and refocused to a level that I have not been at in years.

I have always had a thought in the back of my mind about writing a blog. I am still unsure if I have anything meaningful or helpful to say, but it has always been something I have been curious about trying. I think now is as good a time as any. My goal is to write a couple of posts a month about the legal perspective or legal explanation on relevant topics. As with many things, I am sure I will adjust as I go. But that is my plan. At times I might get personal, like with the above paragraph, but talking about my personal life has always been difficult for me. Ironic for someone who served as a public official for over a decade I know, but still true.

If any of the three of you reading this have suggestions on topics, please let me know. My only hope is that this blog is relevant and useful.


2 thoughts on “Intro

  1. I was sorry to hear about the loss, but often times these things have their way of working themselves out β€” and I’m glad to know you’ve found peace in that!

    Looking forward to the blog articles πŸ™‚

    Now get an SSL on this site already so it doesn’t say “not secure” at the top!! πŸ˜‰

  2. Looking forward to seeing how this pans out. Marlene and I had one while we were doing the FS thing. It’s fun to look back on.

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